The CapOmixVideo 8s
 and its MixCapsVideo 3s

Whatever your manufacturing sector of activity, they present avantages that can help you give added value to your products, if they fall under one of these categories:
  • o products to be preserved
  • o concentrated products
  • o products to be mixed
  • o extemporaneous preparations
  • o pre-dosed products
  • o dangerous products
  • o sterilised products
  • o instant products
  • o takeaway products
  • o products to be mixed
Provide a cutting-edge solution to your needs, diversify the packaging of your product with the MixCapsVideo 3s

Distinguish your product by using CapOmix and its MixCaps, a functional and innovative system that gives it that added value.

Make your products innovative with this new packaging concept.