The advantages of CapOmixVideo 8s
 and its MixCapsVideo 3s

  • o Manufacturers can package, stock and market the MixCaps capsule pods, which are consumer goods, with or without the CapOmix device;
  • o Flexible product that accepts many sizes and shapes of capsule podsVideo 3s
    and containersVideo 7s
  • o Related products, the MixCaps are consumer goods,
  • o The CapOmix may be marketed in single doses or as reusable.
  • o It is a functional device that gives added value to a product that has been packaged using the MixCaps.
  • o It is the solution to some of the manufacturers' needs.
  • o The secure and hygienic opening allows products to be protected.
  • o Machines for filling and sealing the capsules as well as the containers with seal are also available.
  • o Manufacturers have a choice of suppliers for the capsule filling and capsule sealing machines to include them into their production line.
  • o The manufacturers remains in control of their packaging chain.

It gives manufacturers the freedom to offer to their customers an optimum, made-to-measure use of their products.