The CapOmixVideo 8s
 and its MixCapsVideo 3s
 present numerous advantages:

  • o Simple - Practical - Fast - Not cumbersome
  • o Transportable and can be used anywhere and at anytime
  • o For instant preparations and mixtures
  • o For personalised dosage of a product in a single dose as well as multidose
  • o Preserves the intrinsic qualities of products (quality factor)
  • o Uses just the right dose of the product (savings factor)
  • o Uses products in a customised manner, according to the needs and tastes of the consumer
  • o Hygienic opening without the risk of contact with the products (safety factor)
  • o Secure opening that protects the user from all direct contact or from inhaling the products during opening or mixing (safety factor)
  • o With highly soluble mixtures (efficiency factor)
  • o Contains a non-drip spoutVideo 5s
  • o Reusable or single-use
  • o Adapts easily to many sizes of bottlesVideo 4s
    and containers